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This is Blythe Review

  Hello everyone. Today, I am sharing my review about the best  Blythe  doll company with you dear readers. First of all, I want to say a Huge Thank You to  THIS IS BLYTHE  for kindly gifting us this amazing package! Visit This Is Blythe website here: Instagram:   @thisisblythecom This Is Blythe Review on Youtube: This is Blythe is the largest Blythe doll provider in the world. Their company first started in 2000 as a Blythe photography book, now offers customers access to over 6,000 Blythe doll products and accessories such as clothes and shoes. Their Blythe dolls and website have been featured in some of the world’s leading publications, including Forbes, BBC 2002, BBC 2019 & The Guardian..and they work with famous celebrities as Johnny Depp or Emma Roberts.  This is Blythe dolls are made with real original parts using their custom patented limbs and joints, they do not smell of plastic or chemicals. Th