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This is Blythe Review


Hello everyone. Today, I am sharing my review about the best Blythe doll company with you dear readers. First of all, I want to say a Huge Thank You to THIS IS BLYTHE for kindly gifting us this amazing package!

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This is Blythe is the largest Blythe doll provider in the world. Their company first started in 2000 as a Blythe photography book, now offers customers access to over 6,000 Blythe doll products and accessories such as clothes and shoes.

Their Blythe dolls and website have been featured in some of the world’s leading publications, including Forbes, BBC 2002, BBC 2019 & The Guardian..and they work with famous celebrities as Johnny Depp or Emma Roberts.

 This is Blythe dolls are made with real original parts using their custom patented limbs and joints, they do not smell of plastic or chemicals. This is Blythe can customize your doll just the way you want or imagine her, or you can buy a Blythe doll to customize it yourself, and you can find everything you need directly from them: clothes, shoes, eyes, ears, hair, faceplates, stands, supplies and customization tools. Another great thing about This is Blythe is that they ship worldwide, without any extra fees.

It's time to introduce to you our new lovely Blythe doll. The  new gen Blythe doll has 19 joints body, so that makes her super flexible and posable.

You can rotate her arms and legs 360 degrees.

Our Blythe doll has a matte face and darker skin, but you have so many different styles to choose from, different skin tones, different hair, even different sizes of dolls, from Neo, to Middie, to Petite.. our doll is a Neo Blythe, she is the tallest out of all, measuring 30cm/12inch. 

There's no secret the Blythe dolls are known for their big heads and big beautiful eyes, that change into 4 different colors with the pull of a string on the back of their heads..

Just hold the ring and firmly pull and watch the eyes change color, and also watch her come to life while she's looking into different directions.

The new gen Blythe dolls come with long, soft, shiny hair. And it's also really thick and doesn't get tangled easily.

Another cool thing about Blythe is that they can be fully

customizable from hands, ears, hair, faceplate and body can be swapped out to add attitude.

Let's talk about the hands, you get lots of different style hands, which is definitely giving the doll a new personality. The hands are really easy to change, just twist a little and pull, and push and twist to put them back in.

So here is Tanja super excited to see what Blythe doll she got from This is Blythe.

The doll was well packed and we had all of these amazing outfits inside, which we are going to show you all on her in just a little bit.
These dolls are more popular amongst us adults, collectors or cutomizers.

Yes, that's me crawling on the grown to take the best pictures of this incredible doll. It's really easy to get lost in time when you are doing something you

and i am already obsessed with this gorgeous doll.

So here is the resulted photo, definitely worth getting your clothes dirty for such amazing pics, right? We have so many pictures to share, but we are going to post even more on our instagram account
So make sure you are following us to see future posts with her.

Here is Tanja trying to imitate the doll's position. 😋

We sure had a fun photoshoot at the Rhein river in Germany. And we had such a lovely weather, not too hot and not too cold, just perfect.

So let's talk a little bit about her awesome outfit.

Blythe is wearing a gorgeous jeans rompers suit, black t-shirt and yellow leather shoes.

I can't even explain how well these are made, and how tiny and perfect all the details are.

As you can see the stand is superb for photos, you can't even see it in the first picture, right?

Thanks to it's transparency, you can take beautiful pictures with her standing up, without the stand being too visible and annoying.

Good thing i had this sun lounge chair at home. I am so happy it's really perfect for her. It gives such a fun vacation vibe. We are all definitely excited for summer, and can't wait to go to a pool or in vacation.

Speaking of pool or vacation..someone sure is having a lot of fun on that black swan floatie.

She is having a lace swimsuit on, this can also be used as lingerie for sure.

Tanja is also having fun arranging and preparing Blythe for pictures.
We actually wanted to put her in water and the waves keep pushing her away, and almost fell.. so we didn't risk for her to get wet.

"Mommy mommy, i caught a mermaid!"

This has to be one of my favorite highlights of the day.
How adorable is this!!!

The rainbow fish net was really perfect for this picture, because it went really good with the mermaid suit.

How beautiful she looks on that rock, absolutely fabulous and reminded me of a blonde Arielle.

This outfit is so gorgeous, and the tail is super long, and shiny.. definitely makes her look even taller than she already is, i love that cute glittery top that matches with the tail.

So this has been a really fun day, enjoying our Blythe doll and enjoying nature, since we are a nature family. 

I must say it was an honor to collaborate with This is Blythe, and we love everything we got and will cherish them forever.

So i think it's time to call it a night, our doll is feeling a little tired after a long day. And she is definitely going to have a good night sleep in her comfortable pink sleeping bag. 💤

So i 100% recommend you visit This is Blythe website and browse through all their amazing products.

 I hope you guys enjoyed my blog, i must mention it is my first Blog ever.. so I hope it was ok 👍💕
I am Diana, from Tanja's Toys Review, wishing you all the best, and stay safe.


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